Top 10 Responsive Websites You Should See

No matter what the nature of your business, to be in the lead nowadays a responsive website is a must. If you have any doubts, check out our previous post on the importance of responsive design and it might just change your mind.

It’s really interesting to see how different elements of the same website change when being accessed from various devices (desktops, tablets and mobile phones). And with a pinch of creativity added, the effect can be fantastic.

So here they are: Our top 10 best examples of responsive web-design!

1. Time


Time is probably the most recognisable brand when it comes to printed media. But they haven’t stopped there: To keep up with the digital era their website is designed in correspondence with all of the most important principles of responsive design. It makes sure that whatever the device, you won’t miss a single piece of important news.

2. BBCresponsive_design_bbc-410x234


Another world-renowned news resource not so long ago joined the responsive army, implementing a variety of its techniques and – in doing so – expanding their audience. Sticking to the minimalistic approach, the BBC’s designers managed to deliver impressive photos across various platforms flawlessly.

3. SalesForceresponsive_design_salesforce-410x234

SalesForce (whose main product is all about providing impressive digital customer relations solutions) inevitably needs to show off that they are trendsetters in the responsive web world. Time is a limited resource, and when it comes to accessing their system from all platforms from wherever you are, SalesForce is a perfect B2B example.

4. Earth Hourresponsive_design_earthhour-410x234


These guys not only try to make a positive impact on the environment and involve people around the world, but Earth Hour have mastered the responsive design principles with their website. Even thought the website is multimedia rich (brimming with images and video), it runs efficiently and smoothly across all devices.

5. Visit Londonresponsive_design_visitlondon-410x234

Nowadays when we plan our holidays, we often ask ourselves whether we will be able to check local information from our mobile. With the improving speed of 3G internet, tourist boards are able to offer much to visitors, and Visit London have hit the jackpot with their website. By maximising this opportunity and catering to their users, they’ve produced a clean, simple, useful and well integrated website that’s just what you need for your trip to London.

6. Gravity (The Movie)responsive_design_gravity-410x234


Have no doubt: Even if you are marketing an event or movie, responsive design shouldn’t be ignored. The blockbuster Gravity is great proof of that: Their responsive website – created for a single movie – totally immerses you in the events of the film and makes you feel as though you have to watch it.

7. Starbucksresponsive_design_starbucks-410x234

Starbucks is the leading coffee brand in the UK for several reasons. Not taking into account constant in-store innovations and menu rearrangements, Starbucks was one of the first companies to create a multi-functional responsive website in line with corporate style and drastically enhance their customer experience.

8. Nixonresponsive_design_nixon-410x234


Sleek and stylish as most of its products, Nixon uses all the advantages of the responsive layout concepts and allows its customers to shift platforms with no user discomfort. Whether you are checking their new unique accessories collection on desktop, tablet or your mobile phone, you won’t be disappointed; in fact you just want more!

9. Adoberesponsive_design_adobe-410x234


It’s hard not to include a software giant like Adobe in this list. Their very appealing and corporate-looking website is fully accessible from all devices regardless of screen size. It positively increases the credibility of the brand itself. Makes it hard to resist, doesn’t it?

10. The George Hotel Hamburgresponsive_design_georgehotel-410x234


Tourism-related industries are tending more and more to hop on the responsive design train. The George Hotel Hamburg impressed us with cutting edge design and prominent functionality when switching from one device to another. Way to go!

So there you have it; our top 10 list of responsive websites currently on the internet. If you would like to capitalise on this technology, feel free to contact us on 01983 524848 or email us at

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