Team ~ ˈtiːm’ noun/verb

  1. a group of players forming one side in a competitive game or sport.
  2. come together as a team to achieve a common goal.


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STUART NUTTALL, Managing Director

Stuart leads the Agency’s focus on marketing for the Professional Services sector.  He began his career as a commercial lawyer, working with global brands, high growth start-ups and household name clients both in private practice and in-house.  He is a highly experienced professional who has spent the last twenty years working at the forefront of digital communications.  He is passionate about internet technologies and their impact on the evolving role of the modern professional.

Stuart writes and lectures on business development within the professional services arena as well as on the role of digital technologies in society.  He has formerly served as the Vice-Chairman of the Society for Computers & Law in London and as correspondent for a number of leading publications, including Internet Business and Webspace as well as writing for a variety of other leading journals.  He has a particular interest in persuasion marketing and behavioural economics.



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