Why Benchmarking is Essential to Social Media Success

Once you’ve embraced Social Media, formulated a strategy and delegated responsibility for its execution to your employees or a specialist agency, it’s time to think about how to measure your performance online. As Peter Drucker famously once said (and millions have repeated after him): ‘If you can’t measure, you can’t manage it’.  Consequently, if you can’t manage it – you can’t improve it. There are different Social Media channels and different strategies to suite different businesses.  […]

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You won’t fool the children of the revolution

“What’s all this about an Internet Revolution? I don’t believe in Social Media!”   You may prefer to sit on the sidelines while the lemmings and fools rush to jump on the next band wagon. You can watch them make their mistakes, smugly criticising from the safety of your sofa. After all, technology is not your thing. You’re not going to take the risk of looking like an idiot!   But while you’re sitting there […]

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Podcast: Episode 2 – Responsive Webdesign

So everyone’s getting pretty hot under the collar about responsive design. You’ve been reading all the arguments on the net about why it’s essential for your business to succeed. But it’s not always easy to get at the truth lurking behind the sales pitch.   But you really don’t need to spend too much time thinking about it. When you understand why you need responsive design to succeed on the internet, you’ll quickly be a […]

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The death of Organic Reach | Why Facebook knows best

Mark Zuckerberg’s “Town hall” meeting in early November was a chance for the public to pose questions to the Facebook founder. The Q&A provided some light hearted answers about why Zuckerberg chooses to wear the same grey t-shirt, (his admission being that it’s one less decision to make each morning), to dismissing “The Social Network” movie as a true story, claiming he had never heard of the appletini drink which is supposed to be his […]

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Over the last couple of years Facebook has put a lot of effort into the development of its proposition to the commercial sector.  We have seen enhanced functionality and evolving Business and Brand