8 simple rules of Office parties

Is the Christmas office party your idea of heaven or hell? Do you relish knocking back a few sherries with your friends or dread having to spend a minute more than necessary with insufferable colleagues. Even if you lean towards the extreme latter, it’s pretty hard to avoid your office party and the social media furore which surrounds it, which is why sticking to these 8 rules will ensure you keep your reputation intact.

1. Turn on Facebook Timeline review


Simply go onto your Facebook profile and under ‘Timeline and tagging settings’ tick the box which says ‘Review tags people add to your own posts before the tags appear on Facebook.’ Even if you are tagged in a picture which you may not like, you’ll be able to see it and decide if it makes your timeline cut before your Mum does.

2. Check the event specification

Keep up to date on the Facebook event page. You don’t want to be turning up in a Reindeer onesie when the rest of your colleagues are in black tie.

3. Don’t shy away from photos


For some of you, this might be a perfect time to get some pictures of yourself looking fabulous. Make the most of a night where camera phones will be about in force and boost your profile.

4.Try Snapchatpng;base64867045a98ff7c4c3

If you really insist on sending cheeky images you might regret seeing in the morning, use Snapchat. You can set how long each viewer sees your photo before it vanishes. Three seconds or under is advisable.

5. Practice dancing

Christmas parties are a great time to get on the dance floor and show why you’re the next Michael Jackson. Even if you’re starting to dance like your Dad, be confident, nobody will notice.

6. Don’t be a fly on the wall

If you watch The Apprentice on BBC 1, you will have seen the creepy product the boys team made, which was essentially a video camera stuck inside a grey jumper. Only shoot videos and take pictures of those who want to be in them. Nobody wants to feel like they’re on Big Brother.base646eb7ead32caa91de

7. Don’t just hang around with people you know

Office parties are about socializing with people you don’t  normally get to speak to, so make the most of it and network. Even David Brent (Ricky Gervais) managed to find love at his Christmas party.base64d5557cd570093b5a

 8. Unnecessary tagging

Nobody wants to wake up in the morning and find out they’ve been tagged doing something they didn’t actually do, so be sensible when tagging and try to gauge whether that person may find it offensive.

Above all else, have a great time and don’t let social media get in the way of being social. Office parties provide a great opportunity to unwind with your colleagues, meet new people and be merry.

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